D Branding

The Client

Marketing company that sells tools and services to small medical offices.


One of three UX Designers


Interaction Design

Visual Design


The client had a very convoluted process for selling marketing plans to medical offices. Because of this complexity, sales demos were taking longer than the allotted appointment times, inhibiting the clients ability to close deals.


5 weeks

Outcomes and learnings

Reduced sales demo time by an estimated average of 25–50%

Delivered fully built iPad application to the client, which included a catalogue of products and services, with a budget calculator and a customer directory.

Application was integrated into sales process upon delivery.

Client was extremely impressed with comprehensive functionality of the dynamic budget calculator and accompanying data visualization.

Even though this was a school project, it was also my first real professional experience as I was able to work directly with a client, as well as a team of developers.

Working with the client

After our first meeting with the client we had a good starting point. We had a minimum of weekly meetings with the client to look through our designs and get their feedback. The client was helpful as we iterated through designs but they also gave us enough creative freedom to make the final product unique.

Design and Development

After talking to our clients lead sales person who would be the only user at the time we crated the app, we white boarded some different options for the design.

After this we got into the wireframes and created several different iterations and after we took the clients input we decided on a final design

Once we had our wireframes and we started making some higher fidelity designs. At this point we started having a daily standup with the development team so they could start working on the apps back they end.

Once the development team was up and running we started integrating our clients color palate into our designs.

We were still having out weekly meetings with the client so they could give us feedback on the designs and the app that the developers were working on.

Final Outcome

The client ended up being really happy with the app we created and it was implemented into their sales process.

There were some unique challenges with this project. We needed to design something that was easy to navigate as well as displaying a lot of important information. We went through several versions but ultimately ended up with an app that looked good and was also very functional for the client.

For me this was a great project to work on. The client was easy to work with, and was very open to any questions or concerns we had. The client had some specific guidelines as far as what the app did and showed but they gave my team a lot of flexibility for the designs.

The collaboration aspect was especially enjoyable.

In the end we ended up with a product that our client was happy with and something that they use to streamline their sales process, and that the development and the design teams were proud of.




Salt Lake City based UX Designer

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Sean Gleason

Sean Gleason

Salt Lake City based UX Designer

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